The Mule: Eastwood’s Swan Song?

Clint Eastwood has been a legend in the film industry for many decades, and this particular movie is just about everything you could expect from a figure such as himself at this point in his life. Unknown-15.jpeg

While not a masterpiece by any stretch, it was quite impressive to recognize that an 88-year-old directed, produced, and acted in the lead role in this film.

The story is slowly and methodically-paced, with a decent share of the scenes depicting Earl Stone’s (Eastwood) drug-running pick-up truck driving across the deserts and plains of the United States. On the other end of the spectrum, we are shown a police investigation into the drug cartels for which Stone is ironically working as a 90-year-old Clint-Eastwood-The-Muleman.This is balanced out with serviceable character development, fascinating personality contrasts between characters, and effective emotional connections created by circumstances within the story.

This is definitely not one of Eastwood’s classic gun-slinging Westerns, which obviously was never the intent. When looked at from that point-of-view, you may find a deeper appreciation for Eastwood’s remarkable diversity and longevity as a filmmaker.

Although The Mule will probably not be remembered as a work of art, I think we can all agree that it is notable in its own right as an example of this extraordinary filmmaker’s true vision on the tail-end of his career.



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