The Favourite will Certainly be Favored During Awards Season

A remarkable work of art in the genre of period pieces. The narrative is a classic tale of power, manipulation, lust, and insanity, driven forward by engrossing performances unknown-6from the lead female trio of Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, and Rachel Weisz.

Director of Photography Robbie Ryan reels off one of the most beautiful projects of cinematography this year, incorporating incredibly unique angles, magnificent symmetrical shots, and fish-eye lenses that all add to the robbie-ryan.jpgmarvelously quirky tone of the film.

The unsettlingly dissonant soundtrack from classical composers such as Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi is supported by the ludicrous tone of the narrative, along with notable sound design from supervising sound editor Johnnie Burn.

The dazzlingly detailed production design is taken to another level, thanks to the genius mind of Fiona Crombie. Costume designer Sandy Powell, fresh off of an equally as impressive achievement in Mary Poppins Returns, once again delivers by creating dress authentic to the time period. All of these elements are complimented by Nadia Stacey’s admirable work in the hair and makeup department.Queen-Anne-wheelchair.jpg

The outrageous hilarity and explicit themes provide a stark contrast from the formal atmosphere of the lavish British palaces, making this film all the more bizarre in the most fantastic way possible. Nothing less should be expected from director Yorgos Lanthimos.


Rating: A




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