Beau is Afraid Review — A Meet Me at the Movies Extra

Producer, writer, and director Ari Aster (Hereditary and Midsommar) offers a darkly twisted roadtrip of a son dealing with mother issues in the film Beau is Afraid. Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix brings to life a man swimming in the deep-end of madness, and invites audiences along for a unique 3+ hour journey.

Thomas Manning offers his review of this flick that may challenge conventions, critical thought, and even a sense of reality as you know it.

Beau is Afraid review on Meet Me at the Movies

This is a Meet me at the Movies extra. This show airs weekly on C19 TV and Clips are used for review, commentary, educational and parody purposes. Show hosts are registered entertainment journalists with organizations like the Critics Choice, SEFCA, the NC Film Critics, and the Online FIlm Critics.

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