Annihilation: Psychedelic Existentialism

If you want a vivid, vibrant, terrifying, and trippy psychological sci-fi thriller, you need to watch Annihilation, from director and screenwriter Alex Garland, based on the novel written by Jeff VanderMeer. A slowly-creeping apocalyptic mass of energy is threatening the fate of the world, requiring teams of military and scientists to investigate the mysterious phenomenon. This […]

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Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho – Evaluation

  Psycho Film Evaluation Thomas Manning   Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho showcases all of his filmmaking skill and ingenuity. There are surprises around every corner, and incredibly innovative cinematic elements. A large part of this revolves around the story. Highlighted aspects of the story like terror, violence, and sex were generally avoided by filmmakers during Hitchcock’s […]

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