Hip-hop musician Boots Riley makes his screenwriting and directing debut with 2018’s “Sorry to Bother You.” To describe this film with all synonyms in the English language for the word “bizarre” would not even do it justice. “Sorry to Bother You” is peculiar, quirky, outlandish, ridiculous, and satirical, yet socially-convicting, fleshed out, existential, and richly-themed. […]

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Annihilation: Psychedelic Existentialism

If you want a vivid, vibrant, terrifying, and trippy psychological sci-fi thriller, you need to watch Annihilation, from director and screenwriter Alex Garland, based on the novel written by Jeff VanderMeer. A slowly-creeping apocalyptic mass of energy is threatening the fate of the world, requiring teams of military and scientists to investigate the mysterious phenomenon. This […]

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